Did you know, Culture Recovery Fund grants can be used for Donation Stations right now?

Round 1 of the Culture Recovery Fund has to be spent by March 31st 2021. GWD are actively engaged in helping a number of organisations fulfil their requirements for cashless donation products before the deadline We offer lots of flexibility in putting together your order, including pre-payment of monthly fees to accommodate the grant format.

As well as enabling organisations to survive right now, part of the fund’s aim was to make businesses Covid-secure  in the future. Contactless Donation Stations are an important way you can future-proof your funding and help to fulfill both of these objectives. Culture Recovery Fund grants can be used for Donation Stations to help with fundraising without handling cash. They also remove the need for you to allocate staff to collecting donations where they are used. 

Since October 2020 when over £300,000,000 became available  to Museums, Arts Venues and Heritage Sites to secure their future, many organisations have been placing orders with GWD. We continue to have stock and be able to fulfill those orders before the deadline date!

Head over to the Donation Station page and have a browse, or contact us and book a demo right away.


Photo by Ben White on Unsplash