Christmas is fast approaching, which is a crucial time for people in the third-sector, as reports show that November and December are the biggest months in the fundraising calendar. During these months, donors give more frequently and in greater amounts.

End of year campaigns are a sure fire way to capitalise on this generosity, but once Christmas is out of the way charities can struggle to sustain the momentum in the new year. One way that organisations will be tackling the issue this year is through the use of contactless donation devices.

Contactless donation boxes have been increasing in popularity in recent years, as card payments have become the preferred payment option for many, changing the fundraising landscape.

This trend is set to continue into 2020, which is no surprise considering the uplift in donation amounts these devices can bring; our card/contactless donation devices are proven to increase donation amounts by up to 50%!

Why not beat the January fundraising blues before they begin by putting a Donation Station by GWD on your 2019 Christmas wish list*?

*Santa is going digital now, so if you’d like to add one to your wish list or would like more info, give him and his helpers a call on 0114 553 1687 or email at