Coronavirus continues to play havoc on the nation, with the past twelve months seeing many people shielding, self-isolating, and avoiding physical contact with others, many people are looking for ways to continue to support a local charity or good cause.

There are various ways of supporting charities during the lockdown, including giving money directly with online payments. However, it doesn’t have to be giving or raising money. It could be collecting shopping or running errands for your neighbours, the elderly, or the disabled. If you are interested in partaking in this kind of activity, remember to follow safety guidelines and stay outdoors to deliver shopping.

You can also help small local charities by donating items for the homeless, such as gloves, coats, and blankets. Blood centres remain open despite the epidemic, so you can still give blood during the national lockdown. Furthermore, you could choose to shop with online retailers that donate to a local charity every time you make a purchase.


Fundraising & Spreading The Word

We should all continue to support charities and the causes we care about. Outside of making monetary donations online or signing-up for Payroll Giving through schemes such as Give As You Earn, raising awareness is a charity fundraising essential.

You can spread the word on social media about what your local charity is doing to raise money. You can also support a local charity by joining a digital virtual fundraising campaign or setting up your own. This is a great way to support your local charity and get people talking. Anyone can encourage dialogue and drive awareness by sharing their efforts online. 

Whether it is participating in a virtual run or refusing to shave your beard until the lockdown is over, there is something everyone can do. This is also a great time to teach your children about giving. They can giveaway unwanted toys through toy box schemes such as KidsOut.


Can You Still Volunteer?

You can still volunteer, and volunteering from home is the easiest way to stay inline with social distancing guidelines. You can use your phone or go online to support relatives or befriend someone who is isolated and lonely.

If the permitted activity takes you outdoors, such as shopping for a relative, remember to keep your distance. At least two metres is ideal, and this equates to around two or three steps away. You should wear a mask and regularly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. 

You can also volunteer to help with mass vaccinations and testing. You can sign up to be an NHS volunteer responder through the Royal Voluntary Service. Stewarding at vaccination centres, patient support, and befriending, are all activities you can enroll in through the Royal Voluntary Service.

To find other opportunities for supporting national and local charities, visit the websites for the British Red Cross, Volunteering Matters, Helpforce Assist, Business in the Community, Do-it, CVS, or Volunteer Centre.