Arqiva / Spectrum Interactive – Internet Kiosk

Sep 9, 2020

Good With Devices began working with leading UK communications infrastructure company Arqiva (then Spectrum Interactive) in 2003, tasked with managing the end-to-end delivery of self-service internet kiosks that are predominantly deployed in hotels and airports.

GWD took responsibility for delivery of both the hardware and software and successfully delivered the finished project on budget and on schedule. This is a great example of our ability to provide an end-to-end solution, bringing all pieces of the jigsaw together in one place.

“By simply logging onto the management system via a web browser, we can instantly change and update adverts and content in real time, which enables us to offer enhanced flexibility and responsiveness for our customers. If we didn’t have these control and monitoring capabilities that GWD provides then we wouldn’t be able to survive.”

– Daniel Gray, Head of Marketing and Product Innovation.