Paralan Corporation – Self-Service Payment Solution

Sep 9, 2020

Paralan are a US company who design and manufacture hardware solutions. Paralan made their name in the manufacture and supply of SCSI converters, but have realised that with the SCSI market shrinking they need to invest in emerging technologies and have established a thriving sister business serving the US energy market with interactive touchscreen payment devices.

Having advised and supported Paralan whilst the project got off the ground, GWD’s software development team stepped forward to create the bespoke payment system that is now in use by energy co-operatives right across USA.

Paralan then demonstrated the utmost faith in GWD by asking us to act as the main point of contact for software with their energy customers. This arrangement has led to an improved experience for Paralan’s customer and help to retain their clients.

“GWD’s expertise and professionalism in providing software and remote management services has been essential for us in providing quality payment services to our customers. They manage each project efficiently and keep us well informed throughout the software development process. They are exceptionally great to work with.”

– Marc Brooks, CEO. Paralan Corporation