Unquestionably, virtual fundraising ideas and online charity events have been gaining popularity over recent years as people embrace internet-connected technologies that are always with them. However, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, online fundraising is not only popular; it is a foregone necessity.

As almost all physical charity events are postponed or cancelled, now is definitely the time for virtual fundraising events. Whether you are a charity, supporter, or fundraiser, virtual events over Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or Instagram Live are set to connect with us in new and interesting ways.

What makes a good online fundraiser?

Great virtual fundraising ideas require you to be creative to engage your supporters. You should use your previous experience and consider linking donations to something you or your fundraisers will do or will not do. Whatever your virtual fundraising ideas may be, make it visual with photos or videos, so you can leverage the power and reach of social media.

If you need inspiration and can’t think of the perfect virtual fundraising ideas, then you consider a virtual representation of one of these:

  • Pub quiz
  • Murder mystery
  • Dance party
  • Music festival
  • Walk
  • Local tour
  • Gaming tournament
  • Online tutorial
  • Book club
  • A home challenge
  • Selling items on eBay
  • Cashing in the value of your CDs and DVDs with Music Magpie
  • Online foodbank order
  • Donating money that would have been spent on coffee or treats

For maximum impact, you could consider creating a unique landing page with a clear call-to-action and demonstrating how supporting the event will lead to betterment.

Will online charity events become the new normal?

Online charity events are definitely here to stay. We only need to look at the popularity of Facebook Birthday Fundraisers and Amazon Smile to see the future.

Clearly, donations cannot be made using cash, where their handling may spread the virus. So, a contactless collection solution will be vital.