About Us

Who are GWD?

We help socially-minded organisations transition to digital systems, building stronger relationships through impactful products and services.

Our experience goes back two decades, with a foundation building and providing critical digital services and products for the financial services and retail industries.

With a long-proven ability to handle challenging projects and a team of trusted experts, we work hard to solve problems and deliver change that helps others.

Our Mission and Values

We drive purposeful change through digital products and services that keeps audiences engaged and delighted.

The work we do is driven by three values:

Don’t be satisfied with replicating what’s there.

If we can’t find a way to add new value somewhere, maybe we should look somewhere else.

Make a difference

Look for ways to do something that matters, for people or the planet.

We have smart people and a privileged position and we can make money while making a difference.

Don’t leave anyone behind

Make a product that works for all.

We want to make a difference for everyone, not just the most attractive customers. This also applies to our technology.

Innovation for the sake of it disenfranchises people, who adapt to change slowly, and making sure to bring them with you is important.

Additionally, people with challenges or disabilities should always be considered and we can make sure everyone can come along for the journey


We take sustainability seriously.
As a growing company, we recognise the benefit of integrating sustainability into our operations for both our work and our customers.

We intentionally design products to live a long life, without the need
for replacement, and the creation of unnecessary waste.

Conversation Starter

Converting an initial donation into a meaningful relationship is also part of the Donation Station experience. Key prompts for information gathering allow you to capture data from donors that can be used to continue the conversation into the future.

Attract Loop

Part of the Donation Station’s key visual design features, the Attract Loop are screensavers purposefully designed to run on a loop. Created by GWD with your input, they use visuals or photography, plus an emotive call to action, to catch the donors interest and lead them towards donation through interactive storytelling.

Custom Branding

The entire Donation Station is open to branding, from external display to on-screen logos, photography and your brand look and feel.

Our design support service can adapt visuals and graphics to suit your brand.

Wifi or 4G/5G Data SIM

Where you need it, the Donation Station can be supplied with Data or Wifi connectivity.

If using the device in a remote location or at an event, it’s worth considering the signal strength available – GWD can support you to ensure there’s a smooth running operation on the day.

Encourages Promotion​

The opportunity to engage further with donors, and start a longer lasting relationship that converts to membership or legacy funding is here too.

We’ve designed the user journey to allow for interactive storytelling, to capture interest and guide the donor towards this goal.

Safe & Secure

All data is transmitted with full encryption, so you can be sure that all individual donor data is safely used, in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Specific Purpose Donation

Giving choice on where the donor wants their money to be spent empowers them further. The Donation Station asks this question and gives charities freedom to present their causes and activites as separate campaigns.

Gift Aid Up Sell

An integrated Gift Aid function on all Donation Stations helps boost fundraising a further 25%. This tax relief can be claimed from HRMC from any donor that supplies their contact details and makes a declaration, as a UK tax payer. The Donation Station is designed to encourage and secure this additional fundraising income easily, through simple reports that can be downloaded and submitted to HMRC as part of a Gift Aid claim.