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The Donation Station by GWD is a contactless donation box that brings finding support and funding into the modern era. People today are using cash less often, and this has seen donations dwindle. With the solution from GWD, people can now make contactless donations by bank card or mobile payment, easily on a smart touchscreen.

The contactless donation terminals are perfect for use in a wide variety of charities and organisations. The contactless donation devices can be customised for use in hospitals, museum fundraising, and as church giving boxes.

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Gift Aid Up-Sell

Gain an additional 25% with unique Gift Aid integration.


Conversation Starter

Capture data for future marketing in an unobtrusive way.

Specific Purpose Donation

Donors can choose where their money is spent.

Safe & Secure

All data is transmitted with full encryption.

Encourages Promotion

Encourage membership signup and renewals.


Wifi or 4G/5G Data SIM

Choose your preferred method of Internet connection.


Custom Branding

Make it your own by adding logos, graphics and photos.


Attract Loop

Attract donor's attention with eye-catching screensavers.

Contactless charity box 


When you buy contactless donation box solutions from GWD, you can accept donations at all times, all without needing to take staff or volunteers away from their other duties. Queues at cash desks, gift shops, and enquiry desks become smaller, so your organisation will deliver a better customer experience.


The contactless charity donation boxes are highly customisable. Our team will work with you to create a contactless donation machine that catches the eye with personalised screensavers, logos, branding, graphics, and photos.


Our contactless collection boxes connect to the internet in a variety of ways and encrypt payment data to protect your patrons and are a great way to promote memberships, renewals, and sign-ups. No matter if you are looking for a Sadaquah box or a Tzedakah box, you can also benefit from an additional 25% through Gift Aid integration.

Tap donation machine


The Donation Station by GWD takes the form that suits your situation best. Models include Wall-mounted Slim Donations Stations, Countertop Midi Donation Stations with a hand strap for mobile use, and Floor-standing Maxi Donation Stations that are fixed to a podium.


Our contactless collection tins will arrive on time and in the budget, and GWD has more than two decades of experience. We can also show you how to use the Donation Station to analyse your data and gain actionable insights.


The contactless donation box buy packages include support and maintenance as standard. You can access our online help-desk and tutorials to quickly and easily learn to use our application. If you need further help, you can opt for on-site support, callouts, out-of-hours assistance, and staff training.

All major payment methods accepted

The Donation Station Family


Our wall-mounted "Slim" Donation Station is the perfect option when space is at a premium.

The Slim’s clean lines and minimalist profile make it a popular choice for listed buildings and galleries wishing to install a contactless donation device without altering the aesthetic.


The counter-top "Midi" Donation Station is the most flexible of our range and is suitable for installation in a variety of places. It's securely fastened, but with key access and tools can be easily moved to a new location.

Possibilities for customisation include a freestanding podium and a hand strap for mobile use, enabling contactless fundraising on the move, such as during events.


The floor-standing "Maxi" Donation Station gives the best possible visibility for your fundraising campaigns. The solid steel podium provides a perfect platform for broadcasting your message far and wide, and can be securely fastened to any surface.

The floor standing Donation Station by GWD is our best performing unit.

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What People Say

Coventry Cathedral

“We’re really pleased with our Donation Station, it’s very visible and our visitors find it user friendly, so it’s getting a lot of use. It’s providing a steady stream of income and the reports we receive provide useful info, not least the gift aid data that we couldn’t get from cash donations.”

Meir Grunwald, Manchester Yeshiva Kollel

“It was a pleasure working with GWD. Our order was fulfilled efficiently, the tech support is down to earth and the product looks very professional. A pleasure to deal with!”

Darren Roberts, Bristol Culture

“We saw the highest amount of donations per visitor we’ve ever achieved while using the Donation Station by GWD in one of our exhibitions – an increase of 50%.”

Katherine Foley GLAM, University of Oxford

“Thank you for all your time and support - you've been an absolute pleasure to work with and the contactless donation terminals look fantastic. This really has the potential to change fundraising across GLAM and we're so excited to see how the pilot progresses.”