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Revolutionise religious donations with our contactless donation boxes

A place of worship is a sacred space for the community. Many people wish to financially support their place of worship but find it increasingly difficult in a predominantly cashless society. With a contactless donation box, members of your community or visitors can securely donate at the tap of their card.

Learn more about how the Church of England intends to use our contactless donation boxes to grow its donations on sites around the UK.

Contactless giving for places of worship – support them to support you. 

Can places of worship go digital?

Digital donations work alongside cash donations to maximise accessibility and increase donations to your place of worship.

A contactless donation box not only empowers visitors to donate, it also serves as the perfect marketing opportunity to better connect with your donors. Our fully customisable devices allow you to display personalised information about why you are raising money and encourage future engagement through email sign-ups.

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Customisable features to suit your organisations needs
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Seamless Gift Aid declarations for that 25% boost
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Church donation boxes with contactless digital fundraising

We deliver and install our devices with total respect for our surroundings. Inclusivity and accessibility are something we will never compromise on.

Our fundraising approach is centred on support.

We work our hardest to make our digital fundraising process as straightforward as possible with one-to-one support, easy-to-follow training materials, and downloadable donation reports. Speak with our team to learn about just how much your community can gain from our contactless fundraising devices.

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Discover effective strategies for boosting donations to your organisation through our Donation Stations. Explore how others are utilising contactless donation boxes to create an inclusive and accessible giving experience, while also maximising the return on investment for these devices.

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