Contactless Comparison

Donation Station vs CollecTin Plus

Choosing the right contactless payment solution for your organisation can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

On this page, we’ve broken down the differences between our contactless fundraising product, the Donation Station and the CollecTin More from CollecTin. 

Product Features Donation Station by GWD logo Collectin-format
Large touch-screen for accessibility 10" Screen 7" Screen
Digital Display for advertising
Variable Donation Amounts
Custom Donation Amounts
Multiple Causes
Cover Transaction Fees
Remember My Card Coming Soon
Gift Aid integration
Email Receipts
Marketing signups
Offline transactions
Tap & Go mode Discover our Lite range
Chip & PIN
External branding opportunities
Battery life 7 hrs 7 hrs
Accessories available

Please note: this comparison is for the CollecTin More only, due to it being the closest to our Donation Station offering.

Discover the Donation Station by GWD

The corporate fundraising solution, available in a range of models, that works hard to grow your donor pool and boost donation income.


slim donation station screen example

#1 Wall mounted

#2 Sleek, space-saving profile

#3 Ideal for entryways and corridors


midi donation station

#1 Secure and portable

#2 Excellent for events

#3 Ideal for counter tops or reception areas


skinny donation station

#1 Floor-standing, narrow profile

#2 Space-saving interactive device

#3 Ideal for fixed and temporary positioning

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