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Charity fundraising

Enjoy the seamless shift toward a new era of charitable giving.

Elevate your charity’s fundraising impact with our state-of-the-art contactless donation stations. Responding to an ever-digital world, our contactless donation stations are the future of charitable donations.

Stay ahead of the curve. Build meaningful relationships with donors. Go digital.

A digital fundraising mission

The complexity of digital transformation can be overwhelming, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our donation stations come with intuitive interfaces and comprehensive support, making the transition to contactless fundraising, seamless. Embrace a digital future that aligns seamlessly with your charity fundraising mission.

Our fully customisable devices allow you to tell your charity’s story, your way. 

Beautiful screensavers, branding, photos and graphics pave the way for a digital future that perfectly aligns with your unique fundraising mission.

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Customisable features to suit your charity's needs
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Seamless Gift Aid declarations for that 25% boost
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A large screen for accessibility and ease of use

Transform acts of kindness into a powerful force for your charity

The Donation Station by GWD is the modern equivalent of a cash collection box for charity fundraising. Our device comes with a fully customisable touchscreen device that takes both chip and pin and contactless payments, freeing up your fundraising team members for other tasks.

Our contactless Donation Stations not only help make donating easy but also attract donors. Customisable branding and interactive displays ensure that every donor leaves not just with a receipt but with a deeper understanding of your cause, amplifying the impact of your awareness campaigns.

Customer information can be stored securely and within regulation to improve supporter databases, allowing you to update your donors on the success of your campaign.

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Discover effective strategies for boosting donations to your organisation through our Donation Stations. Explore how others are utilising contactless donation boxes to create an inclusive and accessible giving experience, while also maximising the return on investment for these devices.

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