Digital Giving for churches: an opportunity for growth

photo showing someone using a credit card to make a contactless donation

In 2021, our Donation Station was chosen, along with other devices to help pilot a study into contactless and digital giving at the Church of England.

Six of Cumbria’s iconic highly-visited churches now have an immersive digital donation device functioning year-round, and the results are beginning to show.

£30,000 given = 30% above target

It’s even had a mention in UK parliament…

The Second Church Estates Commissioner, Andrew Selous said in October:

“Since June this year £30,000 has been given through these units. Which is 30% more than we were budgeting for and we know that the average contactless donation is almost three times higher than the average cash donation and the average online donation is ten times higher. So where Cumbria leads, the Church of England should follow!”

One year on: Nearly £85,000 across 100 churches

Diocesan Stewardship Enabler, Sophie Hodge, said:

“The legacy of this pilot will be a constant and reliable income source, creating churches that are more sustainable and more able to serve the communities in which they belong.”

Source: Yahoo!finance

Enhance your fundraising through digital integration

Without taking the place of cash donations or a giving plate, The Church of England can see that adding digital giving methods into its communities is beneficial to fundraising campaigns, and an opportunity for all. 

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Getting the most out of your Donation Station

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Data Analysis Tools

GWD are already helping monitor and report on this project for the Diocese, and with their own data, fundraisers can see average donations, transaction numbers and changes throughout the year.

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