In response to the difficult circumstances our friends and customers are facing, and during a time where face-to-face fundraising cannot take place, we’ve teamed up to provide an online giving platform.

The service has been designed in partnership with Karadoo Finance Ltd (FCA approved) as a fundraising tool for Coronavirus impacted businesses and charities, which supports the collection of online donations safely and securely with full encryption.

Gift-Aid can be collected as normal and there is the ability to encourage and receive repeat donations. There are many more features coming very soon.

We believe that everyone should have the ability to raise funds, which is why we’re offering the service with no sign-up or subscription fees. The only cost is a 4.5% transaction charge on the donation amount (no additional flat fee).

The platform is already up and running and open to both new and existing customers, meaning we are accepting signups for same-day access to the service.

Contact us at or on 0114 553 1687 today to find out more or get signed up!