Integrate Gift Aid Into Fundraising With The Donation Station

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The Donation Station is designed to integrate Gift Aid into your digital fundraising activities

Gift Aid is a valuable additional funding stream for charities, from the UK Government. As a form of tax relief, for any applicable donations by UK tax payers, any charities and community amateur sports clubs can claim an extra 25p for every £1 given in donations. Learn more about our initiatives in charity fundraising sectors. 

Usually, each charity need to ask donors to fill in either on paper or by electronic form, a Gift Aid declaration, which is then collated manually on a regular basis and submitted to HMRC.

Why use digital donation devices for Gift Aid?

We have a deep knowledge of how to use digital donation devices for Gift Aid, and have a comprehensive Gift Aid guide for fundraisers and CSR Policy developers.

Our team have designed a donation device that streamlines the administration process. When choosing your User Interface design, together with our experts, we can ‘enable’ our Gift Aid feature.

Our unique software captures and collates all the key data required by HMRC when submitting a Gift Aid claim. In the GWD Customer Portal, as a Donation Station owner, you can see all donor details, including the declarations, critical to every submission. 

This is available in a downloadable spreadsheet, that can easily be attached to your charity’s correspondence with HMRC.

Designed to be intuitive and easy for donors to navigate, the Donation Station is made to be a simple device to use and grow fundraising revenue with.

Questions about Gift Aid and digital fundraising devices?

We know the process of organising and collating Gift Aid information can be time-consuming.

Ask us about how the Donation Station works to make this easier! Explore more about contactless fundraising and its benefits.

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