Southampton City Council Library

Southampton library

A full-scale roll-out across 11 libraries after successful pilot

Integrating a bespoke identification system and library management systems via lending kiosks

Southampton Libraries wanted to pilot a new self-service kiosk that could integrate with their own bespoke identification system (using Smart Cities card) as well as using the standard LMS authentication.

Cost-saving kiosks, tailored to differing sized libraries

Using our expertise in IoT and RFID implementations, GWD Technical team delivered value through seamless deployment of a live kiosk for evaluation, enabling a real-life experience of the product, for the same cost as a standard kiosk implementation, with no large integration costs to contend with. 

Impressed by our flexible approach to kiosk implementation and satisfied with a successful pilot, Southampton chose GWD for a wider roll out. 

Engaging with key stakeholders in each library, GWD provided the most suitable solution for their space, tailored to their size and needs.

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"Our first-hand experience of working with GWD and the expertise they showed, gave us the confidence to proceed with a full rollout that directly met our needs."

— Liz Whale, Head of Libraries

Who are GWD?

We help socially-minded organisations transition to digital systems, building stronger relationships through impactful products and services.

Our experience goes back two decades, with a foundation building and providing critical digital services and products for the financial services and retail industries.

With a long-proven ability to handle challenging projects and a team of trusted experts, we work hard to solve problems and deliver change that helps others.

Attract Loop

Part of the Donation Station’s key visual design features, the Attract Loop are screensavers purposefully designed to run on a loop. Created by GWD with your input, they use visuals or photography, plus an emotive call to action, to catch the donors interest and lead them towards donation through interactive storytelling.


The entire Donation Station is open to branding, from external display to on-screen logos, photography and your brand look and feel.

Our design support service can adapt visuals and graphics to suit your brand.

Wifi or 4G/5G Data SIM

Where you need it, the Donation Station can be supplied with Data or Wifi connectivity.

If using the device in a remote location or at an event, it’s worth considering the signal strength available – GWD can support you to ensure there’s a smooth running operation on the day.

Safe & Secure

All data is transmitted with full encryption, so you can be sure that all individual donor data is safely used, in accordance with GDPR regulations.

Choice of Donations

Giving choice on where the donor wants their money to be spent empowers them further. The Donation Station asks this question and gives charities freedom to present their causes and activities as separate campaigns.

Gift Aid Up Sell

An integrated Gift Aid function on all Donation Stations helps boost fundraising a further 25%. This tax relief can be claimed from HRMC from any donor that supplies their contact details and makes a declaration, as a UK tax payer. The Donation Station is designed to encourage and secure this additional fundraising income easily, through simple reports that can be downloaded and submitted to HMRC as part of a Gift Aid claim.